Our Partners

Oakville Enterprises Corporation (OEC)

OEC has been a longtime customer and development partner of Compliance Science. Originally implementing Compliance Science for Oakville Hydro to manage their high-risk and highly regulated electrical utility employee base, Compliance Science is now implemented across all OEC subsidiaries allowing a common management platform to standardize OEC Health and Safety programs and reporting.


Riviera Utilities

Before they discovered Compliance Science, Riviera had made the commitment to implement an enterprise level solution through Cayenta a division of Harris Utilities. Riviera was drawn to Compliance Science out of the need to acquire a dedicated tool that empowered staff to get access to relevant information associated to Human Resource and Health and Safety.

Waterloo North Hydro

Waterloo North has implemented Compliance Science, not only as part of their Health and Safety culture, but as a highly integrated piece of their ERP system. Compliance Science automatically updates employee training records from external training providers, deploys new materials to employees from external document control systems, pulls license and certifications from external sources, and pushes employee certification records to the HR employee records. Waterloo North Hydro has drastically reduced process duplication and administration efforts needed to manage these complimentary systems.



SmartWorks, a division of Harris Utilities, is a licensed reseller of Compliance Science. Their leadership in Utility Decision Management, Meter Data Management, and Customer Engagement have made SmartWorks a natural partner for Compliance Science.